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North American Duck Symposium and Workshop

NADS7 Post소셜그래프-Conference Survey

Thank you all so much소셜그래프for attend소셜그래프ing the 7th N소셜그래프orth American Duck Symposium in Annapolis, Maryland – t소셜그래프he first ever NADS held in the Atlantic Flyway!
Please take a few minut소셜그래프es to complete the Post-conference Survey f소셜그래프or NADS7 - it should take less th소셜그래프an 5 minutes of your time.  Our deadline for response소셜그래프s is March 31st!
As you may rememb소셜그래프er, Laborde et al. (2소셜그래프014) published the results from the 2소셜그래프013 NADS6/ECNAW Post Conference Survey in a Wildfowl Special Issue 4:512-519, Assessment of the 6th N소셜그래프orth American Duck Sy소셜그래프mposium (2013): “Ecology and Conservation of North American Waterfowl.” View the paper or result소셜그래프s here.
We feel that NADS7 was a tremendous suc소셜그래프cess due in part to your participatio소셜그래프n, inspirational talks, and innovati소셜그래프ve research. We are especially grateful to our sponsors; we could not do it소셜그래프 without you!  
We are also p소셜그래프leased to announce that NADS8 will be in W소셜그래프innipeg, Manitoba in the fall of 2019! Wit소셜그래프h your help and feedback, we can소셜그래프 make NADS8 even better than its predecessors with your evaluati소셜그래프ons and recommendations.




Dear NADS a소셜그래프ttendees:

As part of a special session on Wednesday morning on "Strengt소셜그래프hening the Links Between Waterfowl Research and Management", organized by Tony Roberts, we소셜그래프 are present소셜그래프ing a paper on the Challenges and Opportunities of App소셜그래프lied Research in Academic Institutions.  As we have been preparing this talk, we realized that there is a wide range of opinions, and a소셜그래프 paucity of data. Accordingly, we thought it m소셜그래프ight be informative to survey the NADS audience for your perspective. To do so, we h소셜그래프ave developed 2 short surveys usi소셜그래프ng Google Forms.

The first "Muddy Boots and Ivory Towers” addr소셜그래프esses some of the main questions we will explore in our talk, regarding the concern that there has been erosion in the ca소셜그래프pacity to conduct applied waterfowl research in academic institutions. It comp소셜그래프rises 22 multiple choice, 소셜그래프check-box questions. It should not take more than 5-10 minutes.소셜그래프

The second shorter surve소셜그래프y is intended to gain a broader sense of ho소셜그래프w we value research and the need for research in specific areas. It co소셜그래프mprises 12 questions.소셜그래프 Should take about 5 minutes.

These are all unofficial and intended only to provide some 소셜그래프audience feedback for the session.  However, if this proves in소셜그래프teresting and useful, we are considering a more formal an소셜그래프d systemati소셜그래프c survey in the future. The survey i소셜그래프s anonymous , we don’t ask personal questions (other than your general affili소셜그래프ation/position) and you are 소셜그래프free to answer any or none of the questions.  We will be happy 소셜그래프to share the r소셜그래프esults (as a general summary).

We will accept resp소셜그래프onses throughout the conference, but will need to have a소셜그래프ny responses that could be included in the talk by T소셜그래프uesday afternoon.

The links are b소셜그래프elow. Please let us소셜그래프 know if you run into p소셜그래프roblems (jmeadie@ucd소셜그래프avis.edu).

We hope you 소셜그래프have a chance to take the two surveys and소셜그래프 find them interesting.


Survey 소셜그래프1. Muddy Boots and Ivory 소셜그래프Towers



Survey 2. Th소셜그래프e Value of Waterf소셜그래프owl Research



Thanks소셜그래프 for your 소셜그래프feedback.

John Eadie소셜그래프 David Koons, Todd Arnold, Bar소셜그래프t Ballard, Robert Clark, Scott McWil소셜그래프liams, Anthony Roberts, & Chris Williams 


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